Have you ever felt like a snob for being way too passionate and serious about your coffee? You know… That person that is so particular about where their coffee comes from, what region, the farmers, the beans the roast and grind? That person that is always so loud about the need to only buy fairly traded coffee?… Well, if this is you, hide your shame at the bottom of your coffee cup because you are us and we are you, only without the shame.

I have seen the process that goes into harvesting these beans, through to the production and all the way into a cup. I do know the impact of fairly traded coffee; it is a ripple effect, an effect we are proud to be a part of. I also have experienced, and fallen in love with, the lifestyle around coffee.

Back to geeking out on coffee… Personally, I am a big fan of a medium roast arabica. When it comes to the grind, my friends are big on an espresso grind for that fine texture and the horse kick it carries, but I am more for a medium grind sort of guy (but of course that depends on what coffee making process I have available or prefer).

I remember the first time I learned how to use the V-60 coffee maker, how I found the much needed brewing patience and how it easily became a morning ritual. Some people would rather pour their Sound Cup beans into a grinder and press a button, yet others would rather use a manual hand grind, which I would definitely use for the look and authentic feel…It has a sophisticated vibe to it, which can be useful, depending on who’s watching.
So depending on one’s palate, tastes and preferences differ from one person to another. That alone can create a big never ending debate on what is the best coffee in the world, making it the perfect round table conversation, if you are a coffee geek indeed.

In the coming articles we will be breaking down several coffee ideas, brewing guides, updates on how we are doing and all our fun achievements and of course sharing our stories and those from the farmer’s cooperatives we work with. We will also share the lifestyle attached to our coffee brand as we grow with you.
Coffee is a wide and vast topic that can cover and range from individual tastes, lifestyles, economic environments, agriculture, success stories, employments, community developments and so on.

What in your opinion do you find so geeky and fun about coffee conversations, let us know.